“Road to Justice”: The legal struggle for equal rights of Chinese Canadians

Road to Justice is an initiative by Toronto Chinese and Southeast Asian Legal Clinic (MTCSALTC) with the support of the Government of Canada. The project seeks to investigate the social valves and politics of Canadian history to identify the cause of racial discrimination against people of Chinese descent. It is a progression in identifying the root cause of laws passed by the Canadian government such as the Chinese Exclusion Act in 1923 and the imposed head taxes, to create difficulty in attaining Canadian status.

Road to Justice explores violations of Chinese Canadians rights starting with “the first head tax on Chinese immigrants written into the Chinese Immigration Act (1885) and ending with the Chinese Exclusion Act, in 1947.” It accounts the laws that outright denied recognition of Chinese Canadians as “persons”, in 1885, to laws overtly passed to deny equal access to education, employment and freedom of movement, which are recognized as basic and guaranteed by the Canadian Charter of Rights and Freedom passed in 1982.  The webpage is a store of information on the movement to bring awareness of Chinese immigrant struggles and an attempt to gain acknowledgement.

For more information on MTCSALTC work on The Road to Justice visit www.roadtojustice.ca or click on the image below.

1. Road to Justice

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