The “Colour of Poverty” Campaign by Colour of Justice Network


The Colour of Poverty campaign is an initiative by the Colour of Justice Network to bring awareness to disproportionate levels  of poverty existing among racialized communities in Ontario.  The campaign seeks to create awareness of the connection between poverty and people of colour. The campaign has put forth Ten Fact Sheets addressing various characteristics of racialized poverty and its negative effect on “education & learning, health & well-being, employment, income levels, justice and policing, immigration and settlement, housing and homelessness and food security in Ontario.” 

The Fact Sheets:  Understanding the Racialization of Poverty in Ontario:

1.            An Introduction in 2007  – “Ethno-racial minority (ie.non-European) families make up 37% of all families in Toronto, but  account for 59% of       poor families.”

2.            A Snapshot of Its Many Different Faces in 2007 – A brief overview

3.            In Education & Learning in 2007 – racialized individuals are less likely to complete high school, attend higher education and are often strained into lower academics

4.            In Health & Well-being in 2007 –racialized communities are often affects by health issues arising from stress, lack of food, unsafe work and living conditions

5.            In Employment in 2007 – Immigrant workers skills and credentials are often unrecognized, they are over worked, under paid, less likely to be employed and are subjected to unprotected rights

6.            In Income Levels & Social Assistance in 2007 – cut backs to social assistance along with minimum wage keeps racialized communities under poverty line

7.            In Justice & Policing in 2007 – racialized communities are over policed and crimes of violence is related to poverty and differential treatment

8.            In Immigration & Newcomer Settlement in 2007 – support for newcomers are under-funded and insuring access basic necessities to health care, work, education and protection is neglected

9.            In Housing & Homelessness in 2007 – Poverty leads to homelessness and under-housing, therefore unsafe living conditions

10.          In Food (In)security in 2007 – Living in poverty means the inability to adequately provide healthy and nutritious food

Access to more information on The Colour of Poverty Campaign and Ten Fact Sheets can be found on:


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