Colour Me: A Documentary by Sherien Barsoum


Colour me is a Documentary by Taza Media which follows Anthony McLean in the city of Brampton Ontario. McLean a motivational speaker tries to figure out what it means to “be black”. He takes six youths on a journey to understand what “being black” really means and to also help free them from stereotypes imposed by society. This is also a critical journey for McLean himself because having been born to a white mother and a black father he himself does not know what it really means to be black. This also leads to questions of; why do “interracial” children try hiding their “whiteness”? The video addresses issues pertaining to Eurocentric views and how the stereotypes are used to ensure imbalance in society. The video is a testimony as to how shame associated with “acting white” is used to keep youth from racialized communities marginalized. The documentary encourages youth to break free from negative stereotypes of “being black” because accepting the negatives of “being black” leads accepting one is less equal than others. Furthermore Colour me allows youths from racialized community to accept ones skin colour does not determine or attribute to a person’s education or social status nor does it justify unequal treatment. Colour Me, is a journey of realization that “being black” is covert racism (most qualities attributed towards “whiteness” are qualities of the “privileged”; qualities of those who are perceived to have a voice). More information on Colour Me and the team can be found on

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