Canada’s Creeping Economic Apartheid: The economic segregation and social marginalization of racialized groups by Grace Edward Galabuzi



Canada’s Creeping Economic Apartheid, an article by Grace Edward Galabuzi examines the growing economic gap between the rich and poor and racialization of poverty. Apartheid, looks at the history of racial discrimination to understand marginalization of racialized groups in present society. Galabuzi, questions Canada’s commitment to “equal citizenship”, or equal opportunity, as safeguarded by the Canadian Charter of Rights and Freedom. Furthermore the article shines light on the myth of Canada “a white nation” to bring realization to the fact Canada has always been a multiracial nation. Galabuzi, allows the reader to understand how the myth of “white nation” has helped exclusion of racialized groups to create and maintain hierarchy among “white” Canadians leading to differential treatment and disparities in economic status. The article explains Canadian capitalism greatly benefits by racialization of poverty and by refusing to recognize actual credential of immigrants and racialized groups because, disparity leads to cheap labor. Access to the article can be found on: myth



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