Artists Against Racism a Non-profit Organization

Artist Against Racism is a non-profit organization, funded by Canadian sponsors.  The organization consists of artists who seek to educate youth of racism and create awareness about prejudice. The group consists of artists from various aspects such as; musicians, actors, authors, children’s entertainers, comedians, dancers, conductors, and visual artists. The mission of Artist Against Racism is to “build an understanding of all people” and to teach youth of “basic human right of equality”. The campaign uses television and radio public service announcements, logos, posters, videos, magazines, ads, etc… to reach out to youth with the artists as role models. For more information on Artists Against Racism, its efforts and members visit


One Response to “Artists Against Racism a Non-profit Organization”
  1. Racism has various layers and many are hidden from view. I just started a blog to bring attention to various types of racism and race bias in America. It could also be a helpful teaching tool for your org. We can’t counter what we can’t see. I’m learning more about racism in your country. I see the link for “The Ugly Canadian” and will watch it later today. I wish your organization much success.

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