The Ugly Canadian – racism in London Ontario: by JVC dude (Freelance Videographer/Producer)

download“A banana thrown on the ice at a black player during an NHL exhibition game in London Ontario doesn’t begin to tell the shameful record of racism, prejudice and bigotry in Canada. From the Pacific to the Atlantic and the Arctic Circle Canada boils with racism. Acting surprised as the mayor of London Ontario does not do justice to all the ordinary people who face this injustice everyday of their lives.” That is the description given for the video.

Is Canada truly a discrimination free country? Is it really accepting of all racialized ethnic groups and is equality and inclusion put forth on the agenda when policies and procedures are drafted? Is discrimination a thing of the past?  The Ugly Canadian sheds light on racism from historic Canada, towards Aboriginals and African Immigrants, to racism still existing in our communities. Racism and discrimination, rooted in history, is not a thing of the past and is still used to the benefit of those that are “privileged” and in power.  Will racial discrimination ever be abolished when “Canadians” fail to understand the other side of our history and accept violation of human rights is not a onetime offence? The video can be found on–.

One Response to “The Ugly Canadian – racism in London Ontario: by JVC dude (Freelance Videographer/Producer)”
  1. A staggering number of films in America target Blacks on screen, and thereby Black viewers, with racist slurs and/or portray them in some racially negative context. I list some of these films in my blog. The movie industry is obsessed with maligning the Black race and it conditions millions of viewers to have a Black bias and to regard Blacks as “n***ers” and therefore subhuman. Blacks feel the trickle down of this indoctrination. I wondered if many films in Canada similarly portray people of the African diaspora.

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