Anti-Racism Resource Kit –Second Edition

Anti-Racism Resource Kit by Alberta Civil Liberties Research Centre And the Committee on Race Relations and Cross Cultural Understanding as part of Anti-Racism Curriculum and Mentoring Project. The Resource Kit was created to address the inter-cultural conflicts arising in schools. The intent of the Resource Kit is to provide school staff with the right tool in addressing harassment and exclusion faced by racialized students.

The Resource Kit consists of four sections

  1. The Evaluation ToolEvaluation Tool encourages teachers and students to be critical of the materials they are exposed to (in class and community). It encourages the questioning of stereotypical portrayals of “racial minorities” in order to put experiences by racialized individuals into context.  
  2. Books – Book section is a list of fiction and non-fiction books which are “meant to make colour visible”.
  3. Websites
  4. Videos ­– Videos section is a compilation of useful videos which can be used as tools anti-racism education and awareness discussions

To view the Anti-Racism Resource Kit visit


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