Anti-Racism & Cultural Diversity Office

Anti-Racism & Cultural Diversity Office began with the formation of the Special Committee on Race Relations and Anti-Racism Initiatives in 1991 in University of Toronto. Race Relations and Anti-Racism Initiatives in 2005 changed its title to Anti-Racism & Cultural Diversity Office and plays a significant role in U of T’s “commitment to equity, diversity and human rights”.

Anti-Racism & Cultural Diversity Office’s main areas of focus are:



  • Ensuring that every member of the University community is accorded the requisite environment to live, learn and work free of bias or discrimination.
  • Ensuring  every individual on campus has the right to be treated with dignity and respect.
  • Honouring the institutional commitment of the University of Toronto as an organization exemplifying commitment to anti-racism and the elimination  of systemic discrimination.


  • Creating events and programs that highlight the intersection between the academic work in the areas of ethno-cultural diversity, critical race-related issues and issues of relevance to the larger community on campus.
  • Providing a forum for individuals and student groups to meet, discuss and initiate ideas and plans for programs and events that will strengthen both the diversity of the university community and its commitment to an equitable environment.

Getting Help

  • Providing training and education to members of the University community for a better understanding and commitment to an  environment and a diversity friendly campus.
  • Facilitating dialogue and resolution of current conflicts and or disputes associated with race, ethnicity, culture and creed in a respectful manner.
  • Advising individuals and groups in taking responsibility for creating safe spaces in classrooms, residences, workspaces where ethnic, racial, cultural and religious differences are respected.

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