Community and Race Relations Committee of Peterborough

Community and Race Relations Committee of Peterborough (CRRC), founded in 1982 is a non-profit community based organization which is supported by the City of Peterborough. “CRRC supports the basic principle that all individuals in Canada equal in dignity and rights.”

CRRC objectives:

“•To encourage sound race relations through partnerships with other agencies, organizations and interest groups in the community.

• To promote, through educational activities and projects, increased community understanding of  racial intolerance and racial disadvantage arising from the institutional, systemic nature of racism.

• To establish and maintain a collection of resource material on race relations for public use.

•To promote and develop a network of community organizations and services interested in the goals  and objectives of the CRRC.

• To investigate or advocate for investigation of incidents of racism and to take an advocacy role in  the resolution of conflict of a racial nature. 

•To provide training to employers and personnel of public and private institutions on anti-racism and race relations”  (More information can be found on CRRC’s brochure through

To access CRRC website visit


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