Racism in Canada: The Evidence of Things Not Seen

Racism in Canada: The Evidence of Things Not Seen by Delia D. Douglas is an article which questions “acceptance” in context of Canadian multicultural society. The article seeks to bring awareness towards the difference between acceptance and tolerance because; “tolerance is not acceptance of difference”. The article emphasises the importance in accepting Canadian history in order to understand the roots of racism, with regards to; “Aboriginal peoples, the internment of the Japanese, the indentured labour of the Chinese, racialized immigration policies such as the Continuous Journey legislation, and the enslavement of Blacks”. “The denial of Canada’s history of racial violence has contributed to the production of an atmosphere that serves both to silence current experiences of racial injustice as well as to trivialize the differential effects of racism on both the perpetrator and the survivor.” The article can be accessed via: http://www.artsrn.ualberta.ca/aadr/Documents/Delia%20Douglas.pdf



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