Black Looks: Race and Representation

Black Looks: Race and Representation by Bell Hooks examines the portrayal/representation of African Americans amongst dominant “white” culture. A quote from Black Looks; “Often their rage erupts because they believe that all ways of looking that highlight difference subvert the liberal belief in a universal subjectivity (we are all just people) that they think will … Continue reading

Racism: Then and Now

Racism: Then and Now is a discussion on The Agenda with Steve Paikin regarding racism. The Agenda is a program on TVO which looks at “current affairs”. The guests featured were; William Cunningham, Irshad Manji, Kwame McKenzie, Jonathan Kay and Grace-Edward Galabuzi. The discussion seeks to define racism and its affects on community and individual … Continue reading

Screen Test

Screen Test (2004) is a short documentary directed by Linda Lee. The documentary seeks to bring awareness of racism in the entertainment industry. The documentary is shot in the perspective of an actress who is often stereotyped into certain roles because her looks “fit the generalized characteristic of Asians.” The video can be accessed on … Continue reading

Silent Racism

Silent Racism was the title of an episode that aired on KLRU (Austin, Texas) television for a show Inner Compass. KLRU describes Inner Compass as “a 30-minute television interview series that explores how people make decisions about ethical, religious, and social justice issues.” Silent Racism looks at stereotypical which is subtle and “unaware”. The two … Continue reading

Class of 2000 directed by Paul Wong

Class of 2000 is a Public Service Announcement directed by Paul Wong as part of the Unite Against Racism campaign. Unite Against Racism description of the PSA; “The director draws inspiration from Canadians’ reaction to the arrival of Chinese boat people in 1999, and he attempts to humanize the plight of immigrants and refugees who … Continue reading

Mirrors of Privilege: Making Whiteness produced and directed by Shakti Butler

Mirrors of Privilege: Making Whiteness is a documentary which looks at “white experience” of racism. It allows one to reflect on “their own experience and understanding” to reflect on and educate others on how racism survives generations. It highlights experiences of white individuals to gain understanding of what it means to challenge the ideas and beliefs … Continue reading

Racsim: A History a documentary

Racism: A History is a British documentary produced by David Okuefuna and directed by Paul Tickell. The documentary was aired on BBC4 in 2007 to mark the 200th anniversary of abolition of slavery in British Empire. The documentary explores racism on a universal degree and looks at how the perception of race has altered throughout … Continue reading

Race: The Power of An Illusion produced by California Newsreel

Race: The Power of An Illusion is an educational documentary produced by California Newsreel, a non-profit American social justice film production company, that questions “very idea of race as biology”. Power of An Illusion is a three part documentary consisting of episodes; The Difference Between Us, The Story We Tell and The House We Live … Continue reading

  Sifting Through the Layers: An Innovative Approach to Anti-Racism Education created by Youth Against Racism and Voice It!

Sifting Through the Layers is a DVD resource package created by Youth Against Racism and Voice It, and produced by The Inter-Cultural Association of Greater Victoria. The package seeks to make aware of the fact that racism is beyond “black and white issue” and “more than the physical violence that breaks out from racial confrontations.” … Continue reading

Unite Against Racism: See people for who they really are an Anti-racism campaign

Unite Against Racism: See people for who they really are, is an anti-racism campaign launched in November of 1999 by Canadian Race Relations Foundation. The campaign as part of its attempt to create awareness and connect Canadians in a national level to engage in anti-racism efforts included works of producers and directors across Canada.  The … Continue reading