Take A Stand

Take A Stand is a video produced by PEI students as part of the Anti-Racism Video Project at the PEI Association for Newcomers to Canada. The video shows the importance in taking a stand against discrimination and speaking up for others whether it be on the street or in classrooms. The message of the film … Continue reading

Racism: Then and Now

Racism: Then and Now is a discussion on The Agenda with Steve Paikin regarding racism. The Agenda is a program on TVO which looks at “current affairs”. The guests featured were; William Cunningham, Irshad Manji, Kwame McKenzie, Jonathan Kay and Grace-Edward Galabuzi. The discussion seeks to define racism and its affects on community and individual … Continue reading

Racism in Canada

Racism in Canada is film by youth at AcessPoint on the Danforth in partnership with Harmony Movement’s Change Through Equity. The video seeks to find out about what Canadians think of racism. Individuals were asked to answer three questions about racism based on their personal opinions and experiences. The questions were: What is racism? Have … Continue reading

Screen Test

Screen Test (2004) is a short documentary directed by Linda Lee. The documentary seeks to bring awareness of racism in the entertainment industry. The documentary is shot in the perspective of an actress who is often stereotyped into certain roles because her looks “fit the generalized characteristic of Asians.” The video can be accessed on … Continue reading

All of Us Are Related, Each of Us is Unique

All of Us Are Related, Each of Us is Unique is a “unique exhibition exploring the concept of race” to challenge “alleged validity of the notion of human races”. All of Us Are Related, Each of Us is Unique is the English translation of Tous Parents ,produced in Geneva, Switzerland, by Marshall H. Segall produced by Syracuse … Continue reading

A Critical Examination of Anti-Racist Education

A Critical Examination of Anti-Racist Education is an article by Earl Mansfield and John Kehoe which looks at “conceptual, empirical and political limitations of anti-racist education.” The authors seek to emphasize importance of multicultural education with the “concerns of anti-racist education” to incorporate issues such as “institutional barriers, material inequalities, and power discrepancies between minorities … Continue reading

The Emperor Has No Clothes: Teaching About Race and Racism to People Who Don’t Want to Know

The Emperor Has No Clothes: Teaching About Race and Racism to People Who Don’t Want to Know by Tema Okum provides theoretical and practical information to those who are involved in anti-racism teaching initiatives. Synopsis of the chapters: “The first chapter looks at the toxic consequences of our western cultural insistence on profit, binary thinking, … Continue reading

Critical Readings: An Annotated Bibliography on Anti-Racist Education

Critical Readings: An Annotated Bibliography on Anti-Racist Education is a collection of resources, in both English and French, put together by Canadian Race Relations Foundation. The readings contain mostly of Canadian contents to introduce anti-racist education into school system. The suggested topics are divided into ten sections such as; Aboriginal Education Beginning Anti-Racism in Education: … Continue reading

That Joke

That Joke Public Service Announcement (PSA) was a 2007 winner of the Racism, Stop It! Campaign. This PSA seeks to create awareness of the harm that is related to promoting racist jokes. Individuals often say jokes about other cultures and ethnic groups thinking they are often harmless, when in fact these “telling and tolerating racist … Continue reading

Pink and Say by Patricia Polacco

Pink and Say by Patricia Polacco is a child friendly picture book about Civil War, which introduces children to racial acceptance, negatives of war and “injustices of slavery”. Pink and Say is story through a white soldier’s eye who had been saved by a black soldier. The book is “Highly charged emotionally, masterful retelling of … Continue reading